Dare To Be Great

Dare To Be Great

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If you want to escape from the rut and routine of living and pursue your God-given passion, Dare to Be Great is the book for you. It will inspire you to reach your potential - because your life depends on it!

You'll learn the power principles of moving from frustration to faith, and from self-doubt to success. Why settle for average when you can know the steps to greatness and put them into action? It's time to forget your past and lice your dream!

"I know what it means to see a dream transformed from a struggle to reality. And now...I want to share these proven principles with you!"

You will discover:
• How to take control of your future
• The secret to reaching attainable goals
• How to turn pain into strength
• How to conquer procrastination
• The power of a positive confession
• How to recognize your true gifts
• The source of courage and confidence


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